2019 GARBC Conference Promises to be Bright!

Parting Thoughts on the Way out the Door

A Moving Tribute and Fond Farewell to John and Daria Greening

Walking in the Way

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  • Save the Date

    Save the Date

    Mark June 27–30, 2017, on your calendars and plan now to attend the GARBC Conference at Sandy Cove in ...more

  • Farewell to Oswego

    Farewell to Oswego

    Friday, July 1, 2016. As the conference attendees and exhibitors head out to their vehicles, preparing for their journeys home, there is a palpable sense of worship in the air. All week long, they have had their attentions and affections ...more

  • The Suffering Servant-Messiah, Part 2

    The Suffering Servant-Messiah, Part 2

    Daniel Davey finished out the 2016 conference’s sermon series, “Preaching Christ from the Old Testament,” with a message from Isaiah 53. “When we look at Isaiah 42, and 49, and 50, and 52 to 53, we see that this passage, ...more

  • Serve King Jesus

    Serve King Jesus

    Dr. Jim Lytle delivered the sermon on Thursday’s final session. His text was Psalm 2, an enthronement Psalm that is shot through with references to the Davidic kings of old. Ultimately, it is a text that points forward to the ...more

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