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  • Enjoy Renewal at the GARBC Conference

    This year’s conference offers renewal and enjoyment for the whole family. Kids to adults will experience spiritual refreshment during the general sessions, workshops, and times to get together. The Adoba Hotel and Convention Center is an impressive structure with a ...more

  • Nominate a Servant---GARBC Service Award

    The recognition of faithful church workers in the GARBC will be a special feature of the 2013 GARBC Conference, June 24--28. Do you have a godly worker in your church who has served the Lord wholeheartedly? You can nominate an ...more

  • Nominations Open for Council of 18 Candidates

    Engage in the association; nominate candidates for the Council of 18 election. This coming June at the 2013 GARBC Conference, six members of the Council of 18 will be elected. Nominations for the election are now open. Your participation is ...more

  • Renew Our Strength

    Renew Our Strength

    Ministry is draining. Whether it’s the busyness of a growing ministry, the heartache of a ministry in conflict, the struggle of a lethargic ministry, or the needs of a new ministry, each of these demands immense time and utmost attention. ...more

  • What's Ahead for the GARBC

    World dynamics call for churches in the GARBC to rise for gospel-centered action. John Greening, GARBC national representative, gave the following "state of the GARBC" address during the GARBC Conference business meeting, June 26, 2012. Few would deny we are living ...more

  • 2012 Talents For Christ Winners

    2012 Talents For Christ Winners

    CLARKS SUMMIT, Pa.---These students won first and second place awards at the annual Talents For Christ competition on Thursday, June 29. Art First Place (Open): Isaac Church (Delevan Baptist Church, Delevan, N.Y.) Second Place (Open): Samantha Parsons (Young’s Corners Fellowship Baptist Church, Wadsworth, ...more

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  • A Plan Fit for the Savior

    A Plan Fit for the Savior

    “A Plan Fit for the Savior.” Dr. John Greening, national representative of the GARBC, preaches from from Hebrews 2:10–18 in the opening session of the ...more

  • The Training of Timothys

    The Training of Timothys

    Dr. Jim Jeffery, president of Baptist Bible College, Clarks Summit, Pa., uses this June 27, 2007 sermon from the GARBC annual conference to summarize ...more

  • Christ-Directed Evangelism

    Christ-Directed Evangelism

    In this June 28, 2007 sermon from the GARBC annual conference, Dr. Ernie Schmidt describes "Christ-Directed Evangelism" using Matthew 16, Matthew 28, and Acts 1. ...more