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  • Resolution concerning Universalism

    The messengers of the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches, meeting together in regular conference, June 25–29, 2012, in Clarks Summit, Pa., Believing that God is perfectly holy, and that He created people to have fellowship with Him (Gen. 3:8–9; 1 John ...more

  • Too Busy for a Gospel-centered Ministry?

    CLARKS SUMMIT, Pa.---If the guests at the 2012 GARBC Conference didn’t know any better, they would assume that the speakers had called each other the night before, agreeing to preach the same sermon several times in a row. Their titles ...more

  • Cold Water and Living Water

    CLARKS SUMMIT, Pa.---Put pizza and ice cream in the same sentence, and brace yourself for a stampede of the teenagers standing within earshot. Forty-five teenagers piled into vans and headed into Wilkes-Barre, Pa., for the Students Alive! outreach activity in the ...more

  • Nine New Churches in Fellowship with the GARBC

    CLARKS SUMMIT, Pa.—Nine Baptist churches are now in fellowship with the GARBC, approved by vote of messengers of the 2012 GARBC Conference in the business session held on Tuesday, June 26. New Churches to GARBC Fellowship Great Commission Baptist Church (Schaumburg, Ill.) Victory ...more

  • Messengers Elect New Council Members

    Messengers Elect New Council Members

    CLARKS SUMMIT, Pa.—Messengers to the 2012 GARBC Conference elected new members to the Council of Eighteen during the Tuesday afternoon business session. The GARBC Council of Eighteen is a group of men elected by the voting messengers from GARBC churches. Council ...more

  • Searching for the Authentic Church

    What’s the easiest way to identify the genuine article? First learn to recognize a fake, says Dr. Bill Park, featured speaker at the 2012 GARBC Conference. During his opening sermon he played a brief video clip exposing the false doctrine ...more

  • Students Sticking Around for the Week

    Four-way volleyball, a mix of foursquare and volleyball, got the 39 teenagers at Students Alive! up and moving, kicking off the week of activities at the 2012 GARBC Conference. The sun might have been in their eyes, but that wasn’t ...more

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  • A Church for Postmodern Times

    A Church for Postmodern Times

    In this June 27, 2007 sermon from the GARBC annual conference, Dr. Douglas McLachlan uses 2 Timothy 4:1-8 to describe “A Church for Postmodern Times.” ...more

  • Listen to the 2007 Opening Session

    Listen to the 2007 Opening Session

    “I Love Thy Church O Lord.” Dr. Richard Van Heukelum, pastor of Walnut Ridge Baptist Church in Waterloo, Iowa, was a civil engineer before coming ...more