• Plumpton Park Zoo

    Our local Cecil County zoo, Plumpton Park Zoo, is home to over 130 animals representing 44 unique and diverse species. Mammals include Alpaca, American Bison, African Crested Porcupine, an African Serval, Arctic Foxes, Artic Wolves, Bactarin Camels, Bengal Tiger, Black Backed Jackals, a Black Bear, a Bobcat, a Canadian Lynx, a Cougar, European Brown Bear, Fallow Deer, Fennec Fox, a Giraffe, LLama, Pot Bellied Pigs, Prairie Dogs, Pygmy Goats, Reeves Muntjac, Sheep, Siamang Apes, Sicillian Donkeys, a Silver Fox, Timber Wolves, an African Watusi, a White Bengal Tiger, a White Faced Capuchin Monkey and a pair of Zebra. Open year round.

  • Turkey Point Lighthouse

    Just 7 miles south of Sandy Cove Road on Route 272, you’ll encounter a beautiful high bluff with an unsurpassed view of the Chesapeake Bay, overlooking the Elk and North East Rivers. The lighthouse is a one-mile hike from the parking area at the end of the road.

  • Gilpin’s Falls Covered Bridge ca. 1860

    Hurried travelers on MD 272 zoom past this simple relic, which sits over Northeast Creek just east of the busy highway. At 119 feet, Gilpin’s Falls Bridge is the longest remaining wooden covered bridge in the state. Built near the site of several former mills, it is a type known as a Burr arch, the support system patented in 1817 by the Connecticut bridge builder Theodore Burr, who added an arch to triangular trusses to make a bridge stronger. Inside its sheltering clapboard walls, the arched timber beams, encased in multiple king-post truss, stretch from bank to bank. Gilpin’s Falls Bridge was restored after a century of use but no longer handles automobile traffic. Today it is open to pedestrians.

  • Cecil County Dragway
  • Lancaster, Pennsylvania