Exhibitor registration is now open! Register online or download the 2017 registration form.

  • (Ultimate Package deals ensure your organization is getting the best value. They are available through the Baptist Bulletin and include an ad in the Conference notebook.)
  • Review the 2017 exhibitor cover letter and start thinking about your booth location that you will be asked to select.
  • Ad reservation 2017.

Contact Don Anderson with questions.

Phone: 888.588.1600, ext. 879
Fax: 847.843.3757
Mail: 3715 N Vendura Drive, Arlington Heights, IL 60004

An organization or individual desiring to reserve a booth or advertise in the conference notebook must qualify in one of the following four categories:

  1. A church or a ministry of a church in fellowship with the GARBC
  2. Our ministry (mission, camp, school, etc.) is in agreement with the Articles of Faith and Purpose Statement (Article II, Constitution) of the GARBC, and affirms historic Baptist doctrine
  3. A ministry (club, etc.) providing support for churches that is in agreement with the Articles of Faith of the GARBC and not a direct competitor of Regular Baptist Press
  4. A business providing goods and services (equipment, furniture, construction, and others) to GARBC churches or church members and is not a direct competitor of Regular Baptist Press