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  • Turning Guests into Family

    Turning Guests into Family

    What pastor isn’t in search of the right formula to see his local church grow? But what does growth mean, and how is it to be measured? Pastor Mark Neal, lead pastor of Hamilton Hills Church, the conference’s host, led ...more

  • Webster Frowner Honored

    Webster Frowner Honored

    During the Wednesday evening service, the association honored Webster Frowner, a longtime pastor in the GARBC and currently the representative for the Mid-Continent Association of Regular Baptist Churches. John Greening honored Webster for his many years of pastoring Regular Baptist ...more

  • The Mystery and Glory of the Church

    The Mystery and Glory of the Church

    “I really began to understand ‘fathers do not provoke your children,’ when my own children became teenagers,” said Dr. Stephen Pettit, president of Bob Jones University, as he preached Wednesday night. Emphasizing that we best learn truth through experience, he ...more

  • Gospel-Rooted Ethnic Unity

    Gospel-Rooted Ethnic Unity

    John Jasper (1812–1901) lived in fascinating and historic times. Born into slavery before the Civil War, Jasper became a Christian in 1839 and, later, an influential Baptist minister. According to Michael Wilburn, pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church of Richmond, Va., ...more

  • "Open Mike" Q&A Session with NR Candidate

    "Open Mike" Q&A Session with NR Candidate

    National representative candidate Mike Hess took questions from conferees on Wednesday afternoon. In a session lasting 80 minutes, Hess fielded 30 questions on a broad range of topics pertaining to ministry, theology, his life and background, and his vision for ...more

  • From Grace to Glory

    From Grace to Glory

    “I don’t know everything,” said Duke Crawford, pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church of Toledo, Ohio, in Wednesday morning’s first general session. “But I do know this: God mercifully saves sinners.” Ephesians 2:1–3 contemplates the complete, utter sinfulness of human nature. It ...more

  • Love That Church in Christ

    Love That Church in Christ

    “Who am I? Who are you? What is my identity?” asked Thomas White, president of Cedarville University, at the beginning of the 2018 conference’s first session. It’s a profound question, and one that just about everyone has wrestled with at ...more

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  • Speakers Panel [Audio]

    Speakers Panel [Audio]

    Ken Floyd moderates a Speakers Panel with Tim Jordan, John Greening, and Paul Hartog. Thursday Morning, July 2, ...more

  • Union with Christ: Our Fellowship [Audio]

    Union with Christ: Our Fellowship [Audio]

    General Session – Union with Christ: Our Fellowship Wednesday Morning, July 1, 2015 Paul Hartog, vice president for academic services and dean of Faith Baptist Bible College, ...more