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  • New Council of Eighteen Elected

    New Council of Eighteen Elected

    The messengers of the Regular Baptist Churches meeting in session on June 29, 2020, elected six new or returning members to the Council of Eighteen: Dave Fox, pastor – Grace Church, Springfield, Illinois James Kester, pastor – Sahuaro Baptist Church, ...more

  • The Supremacy of Christ

    The Supremacy of Christ

    Many have had their world upended by the events of 2020, including believers and church leaders. A key to staying on level ground is having the right perspective, explained Pastor Steve DeWitt of Bethel Church in Crown Point, Ind., during ...more

  • 2020 Annual GARBC Business Meeting

    2020 Annual GARBC Business Meeting

    David Strope, Council of Eighteen chairman, called to order the 2020 business meeting. This year’s business meeting presented some unique challenges in its virtual format. To conduct Council of Eighteen elections and voting on several items virtually, Strope issued instructions ...more

  • Resolution: God's Goodness

    Resolution: God's Goodness

    This has been an eventful year. The COVID-19 pandemic has swept across the globe, wreaking havoc in the forms of sickness, death, and devastated economies. A host of other difficult situations has also arisen this year, including humanitarian and refugee ...more

  • Resolution: Racial and Ethnic Harmony

    Resolution: Racial and Ethnic Harmony

    In recent days, hateful and murderous actions against African Americans have dominated the news cycle and our national conversation. This has served to heighten the tensions and divisions in our culture with respect to racial relations and issues of justice. The ...more

  • Interpreting Scripture Well

    Interpreting Scripture Well

    “In my opinion, the subject of hermeneutics—the art and science of interpreting the Scriptures—is probably the most important issue or question in Christendom today,” said David Gunn, director of Regular Baptist Press. “Because it is just so foundational to everything ...more

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  • Stay in Your Lane

    Stay in Your Lane

    General Session—Stay in Your Lane Monday Afternoon, June 29, 2020 Mike Hess, National Representative, ...more

  • The Clarity of the Throne

    The Clarity of the Throne

    General Session—The Clarity of the Throne Friday Morning, June 28, 2019 Jon Jenks, State Representative, Wisconsin Assoc. of ...more

  • The Minor Key of Worship

    The Minor Key of Worship

    General Session—The Minor Key of Worship Thursday Evening, June 27, 2019 Mark Vroegop, Pastor of College Park Church, ...more