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  • Farewell to Fishers

    Farewell to Fishers

    As Friday morning turns into Friday afternoon, the 2018 GARBC Conference winds down. The exhibitors begin packing up their displays, and the attendees begin wending their way back to their regular places of life and ministry. It has been a ...more

  • Parting Thoughts on the Way out the Door

    Parting Thoughts on the Way out the Door

    On Friday morning, John Greening delivered his last conference sermon as national representative. “This could not have been a more delightful experience,” he said, referring to his 22 years of leading the association. “Honestly, I can say that from the ...more

  • 2018 Grand Prize Drawing

    2018 Grand Prize Drawing

    There was great excitement and anticipation Friday morning as the Grand Prize Winners were announced. At 9 a.m., RBP business director Tony Randolph randomly drew the winning names for over 25 prizes. The prizes were generously donated by the following ...more

  • Walking in the Way

    Walking in the Way

    “Paul’s theme for tonight, for us, is how we walk,” said Thomas White in Thursday evening’s general session. Walking is one of Paul’s favorite metaphors for one’s way of life. Throughout Ephesians 5:1–21, drawing on this metaphor, he presents a ...more

  • Official Dedication of Mike and Christina Hess

    Official Dedication of Mike and Christina Hess

    On Thursday evening, the Council of Eighteen and outgoing national representative John Greening formally dedicated incoming national representative Mike Hess and his wife, Christina, to their new ministry position. “My earnest prayer,” said council chairman David Strope, “is that ...more

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  • United We Grow

    United We Grow

    General Session-United We Grow 9:00 a.m., Thursday, June 28, 2018 David Gunn, Regular Baptist Press, Arlington Heights, ...more