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  • Walking in the Way

    Walking in the Way

    “Paul’s theme for tonight, for us, is how we walk,” said Thomas White in Thursday evening’s general session. Walking is one of Paul’s favorite metaphors for one’s way of life. Throughout Ephesians 5:1–21, drawing on this metaphor, he presents a ...more

  • Official Dedication of Mike and Christina Hess

    Official Dedication of Mike and Christina Hess

    On Thursday evening, the Council of Eighteen and outgoing national representative John Greening formally dedicated incoming national representative Mike Hess and his wife, Christina, to their new ministry position. “My earnest prayer,” said council chairman David Strope, “is that ...more

  • 2018 Annual GARBC Business Meeting

    2018 Annual GARBC Business Meeting

    The 2018 business meeting began with John Greening’s final annual report as national representative. Greening updated the messengers on many of the associational developments during 2017–18, and communicated his support for the transition of associational leadership to Mike Hess. “I ...more

  • How God Wants You to See Your Church

    How God Wants You to See Your Church

    Incoming national representative Mike Hess shared from 1 Timothy 3:14–16 Thursday morning. “Just as Jesus reveals who the Father is, the church reveals who Jesus is,” he said. Hess then explained by way of four main points how God wants you ...more

  • United We Grow

    United We Grow

    “We find ourselves at a seam or a hinge in the argument of the book of Ephesians,” said David Gunn, director of Regular Baptist Press, on Thursday morning. “Paul is going to transition from discussing things in their doctrinal dimensions, ...more

  • Mike Hess Approved as New GARBC National Representative

    Mike Hess Approved as New GARBC National Representative

    At the annual business meeting on June 28, messengers voted to approve Mike Hess as the new national representative of the GARBC. The vote was 93.5 percent in favor of Mike’s approval. Outgoing national representative John Greening will officially retire ...more

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  • Tuesday at the 2014 Conference

    Tuesday at the 2014 Conference

    Main sessions, workshops, business meetings, ladies' luncheon, and much more! Review through photos all of the great events of day two at the GARBC ...more

Conference Audio

  • Serve King Jesus [AUDIO]

    Serve King Jesus [AUDIO]

    General Session – Serve King Jesus, Psalm 2 Thursday Evening, June 30, 2016 Jim Lytle, President of Clarks Summit University, Clarks Summit, ...more

  • The Victorious Messiah-Servant [Audio]

    The Victorious Messiah-Servant [Audio]

    General Session – The Victorious Messiah-Servant, Isaiah 42:1-9 Wednesday Evening, June 29, 2016 Daniel Davey, President of Virginia Beach Theological Seminary, Virginia Beach, ...more