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The Clarity of the Throne

Minigolf, Ministry, and Marshmallows

Conference News

  • Gospel-Rooted Ethnic Unity

    Gospel-Rooted Ethnic Unity

    John Jasper (1812–1901) lived in fascinating and historic times. Born into slavery before the Civil War, Jasper became a Christian in 1839 and, later, an influential Baptist minister. According to Michael Wilburn, pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church of Richmond, Va., ...more

  • "Open Mike" Q&A Session with NR Candidate

    "Open Mike" Q&A Session with NR Candidate

    National representative candidate Mike Hess took questions from conferees on Wednesday afternoon. In a session lasting 80 minutes, Hess fielded 30 questions on a broad range of topics pertaining to ministry, theology, his life and background, and his vision for ...more

  • From Grace to Glory

    From Grace to Glory

    “I don’t know everything,” said Duke Crawford, pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church of Toledo, Ohio, in Wednesday morning’s first general session. “But I do know this: God mercifully saves sinners.” Ephesians 2:1–3 contemplates the complete, utter sinfulness of human nature. It ...more

  • Love That Church in Christ

    Love That Church in Christ

    “Who am I? Who are you? What is my identity?” asked Thomas White, president of Cedarville University, at the beginning of the 2018 conference’s first session. It’s a profound question, and one that just about everyone has wrestled with at ...more

  • Council of Eighteen Meets before 2018 Conference

    Council of Eighteen Meets before 2018 Conference

    The annual Council of Eighteen meetings were held on June 25 and 26 ahead of the 2018 annual conference. Every year, the council meets to settle outstanding business and make plans for the coming year. This year, much of the discussion ...more

  • 2018 GARBC Conference Grand Opening

    2018 GARBC Conference Grand Opening

    FISHERS, Ind.—The 2018 GARBC Conference grand opening happens June 25, 2018! Pastor Mark Neal and the staff of Hamilton Hills Church, conference hosts, extend a friendly Hoosier welcome to this week of spiritual and physical refreshment. The GARBC Resource Center team ...more

  • Good Connections Take Place at GARBC Conference

    Good Connections Take Place at GARBC Conference

    The GARBC Conference is a great opportunity to connect with ministries and organizations that are doing God's work and have resources that will benefit your ministry. Social events are terrific times to renew friendships or make new friends, enjoy good ...more

Ministries at the Conference

Conference Galleries

  • Tuesday at the 2014 Conference

    Tuesday at the 2014 Conference

    Main sessions, workshops, business meetings, ladies' luncheon, and much more! Review through photos all of the great events of day two at the GARBC ...more

Conference Audio

  • Serve King Jesus [AUDIO]

    Serve King Jesus [AUDIO]

    General Session – Serve King Jesus, Psalm 2 Thursday Evening, June 30, 2016 Jim Lytle, President of Clarks Summit University, Clarks Summit, ...more

  • The Victorious Messiah-Servant [Audio]

    The Victorious Messiah-Servant [Audio]

    General Session – The Victorious Messiah-Servant, Isaiah 42:1-9 Wednesday Evening, June 29, 2016 Daniel Davey, President of Virginia Beach Theological Seminary, Virginia Beach, ...more