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Not able to attend the 2020 GARBC Conference? Read news and view photos from each day of the conference. Audio of conference messages is also available.

Welcome to the 2021 GARBC Conference (video)
Council of Eighteen Meets ahead of 2021 Conference
Chaplains Attend Annual Training, conducted by Manning Brown
Plugging into Your Ultimate Power Source, message by Mike Hess (audio available)
Monday Photo Gallery 2021
Monday Video Recap 2021

Christ’s High Priestly Prayer and the Holy Spirit, message by George Gunn (audio available)
Peace in a World at War, message by David Strope (audio available)
The Seven Major Concerns for a Pastor, module by Knute Larson
Signs & Wonders and the Church, module by David Gunn (audio available)
Moving from Knitting and Missionary Closets to a Titus 2 Ministry, module by Liz Augsburger and Brenda Moore
Unleash the Spirit of Help, message by Knute Larson
Tuesday Photo Gallery 2021
Tuesday Video Recap 2021

Abide in Christ, message by David King (audio available)
2021 Speakers Panel (audio available)
Vital Signs, module by Clare Jewell
The Soccer Field Model for Board and Staff, module by Knute Larson
2021 Annual GARBC Business Meeting
Council of Eighteen Elected for 2021–22
Resolution: The Holy Spirit in the Church Age
Resolution: The Importance of Reproducing Leaders in the Local Church
Unleash the Spirit of Love, message by Knute Larson (audio available)
Wednesday Photo Gallery 2021
Wednesday Video Recap 2021

Unleash the Spirit of Conviction, message by Knute Larson (audio available)
Spiritus Sanctus: Reflections on the 2021 GARBC Conference
Thursday Photo Gallery 2021
2021 Conference Video Recap

Video Testimonials
Steve Burch: The Importance of Networking
Tim Baker: It’s Like a Family Reunion
Joshua Robinson: Sound Doctrine Is Essential