When you think of hospitality, do certain fears come to mind? Perhaps you ask yourself, Will I be judged on my culinary skills? Will my children behave? Will we come off looking okay?

Sherry Van Hooser sought to soothe these fears and others by presenting an encouraging and informative workshop on hospitality for the women of the 2014 GARBC Conference. She has had a lot of opportunities to practice hospitality. This month marks 40 years of ministry for her and her husband, Jerry. Jerry is administrative pastor at Calvary Baptist Church, Mount Pleasant, Iowa. Sherry reassured the women that no matter their circumstances, God will equip them to be successful when He calls them to show hospitality to others. “God is a creative God,” Sherry says. So when circumstances seem impossible, God will give us creativity to accomplish what He wants us to do.

Sherry gave each woman a superb pamphlet she wrote that includes steps to get started, tips to plan opportunities for hospitality, and several recipes for main dishes and desserts that she has found successful. Sherry encouraged the women to have the recipes’ ingredients on hand so when they are given the opportunity to invite someone into their home for dinner, they will be prepared.

Debbie Snyder chose to attend this workshop because she was looking for information and encouragement to improve her hospitality skills. Debbie’s husband is pastor of Broadview Baptist Church, North Lauderdale, Fla. Debbie says she received “good, practical, and new ideas on how to get started in being more intentional in her call to be hospitable.”

Hospitality is what all Christians are called to do, and after Sherry’s workshop, the women felt more confident and excited to do what God has prepared them for.