Preconference Modules

Developing an Evangelistic Environment in the Local Church

  • Leaders
    Pat Nemmers, lead pastor, Saylorville Church, Des Moines, Iowa
    Chuck De Cleene, evangelism pastor, Saylorville Church, Des Moines, Iowa

I once heard a respected preacher declare, “Your time spent in prayer is your belief in prayer.” I recall being instantly convicted as the statement revealed a rather faithless prayer life in me. And yet, I could not wrench myself from the truth of that statement. That then led me to this thought: “My time spent evangelizing is my belief in evangelism.” Does that statement possess a ring of truth to you? The reason I ask is because not one of us would deny the importance of evangelizing the lost in our communities. But acknowledging a need and a command and being obedient to that need and command are two different things. In this module Pat Nemmers will team with Chuck De Cleene to encourage you not only to become obedient in the area of soul-winning but also to give you practical advice, guidance, and a blueprint to help you and your church become effective in winning the lost to Christ.

Breathing New Life into Your Church

  • Host
    Clare Jewel, Director of the Regular Baptist Builders Club and Regular Baptist Church Planting Coordinator

Over the life of a local church there are times when the ministry becomes stagnant. The fervor and energy for Christ and serving the local community has been zapped and the leadership realizes that it is time to re-energize the church. Join with Clare Jewell, director of Regular Baptist Builders Club and Church Planting, and a panel of leading church consultants as they lay out practical steps for revitalizing the local church.


  • Host
    Manning Brown, Director of the Regular Baptist Chaplaincy

Being a chaplain puts you in the foxhole, in the squad car, in hospitals, and in situations where comfort, counsel, and care are critical needs. Be part of a practical time of training geared at equipping you while you serve as a chaplain to effectively reach your community where doors are often closed to the general public and to the gospel!

This module will include Andy Bittle, pastor of counseling ministries, Living Waters Fellowship, Des Moines, Iowa.


Putting Together a Worship Service

  • Leader
    Dan Parker, associate pastor of music and worship, First Baptist Church, Elyria, Ohio

“We have little musical talent in our church. What can I do?” “We have no one who can accompany our worship time. What can I do?” Come to this module to get some practical help in answering your questions. You will learn about the many tools available today to make your worship/music time effective. Whether you serve in a larger church or a smaller church, as a staff member or a volunteer, this module will help you put together a meaningful and effective worship service.

Big Little Church: The Joys, Challenges, and Strengths of Small Church Ministry

  • Leader
    Tom Robbins, pastor, Faith Baptist Church, Camp Point, Illinois

Statistically a large percentage of churches in America are small churches. Almost half are fewer than 100. Often pastors of small churches spend much time and effort trying to make their small church a bigger church. While numerical growth is important, God wants us to strive to be a better church, not simply a bigger church. In this module you will be encouraged to recognize and be thankful for the JOYS of small church ministry, recognize and embrace the CHALLENGES of small church ministry, and recognize and build on the STRENGTHS of your small church ministry. The goal is to be a BIG LITTLE CHURCH, doing big things for God and having a big impact on those whom God puts in your ministry.

The DNA of a Healthy Tech Ministry

  • Leader
    Daniel Chin, System Administrator, Regular Baptist Ministries, Arlington Heights, Illinois

Do you find that technology in your church is lacking? Do you ever ask, “What is all this gear for”? Does your church have frequent “technical difficulties”? Do you as a pastor find yourself wondering just “what is going on back there”? When is it time to call for help? When do you as a pastor step in to a technical situation? Is your tech team working as a team? Does your team work effectively?

With more than 50 years combined experience in technical ministry, we want to answer your questions and help equip you to better serve your ministry. In this session, we will explore the D(Diagnostics) N(Nuts and Bolts) A(Ask) of your church’s technology. Whether you are a “techy kind of pastor” or “not so much,” this session will help you improve the technology in your ministry.

Unpacking the Forgiveness Debate

  • Leader
    Chris Brauns, pastor, The Red Brick Church, Stillman Valley, Illinois

In our fallen world, living out the Biblical teaching about forgiveness is foundational to a joyful Christian life. Yet, questions abound. Should we forgive everyone? What if the offender is not repentant? What is the best strategy to stop thinking about wounds received? Should I forgive myself? Is it legitimate to forgive God?

Sadly, Christians do not hear consistent Biblical answers to such forgiveness questions. Even conservative Christian leaders sometimes differ with one another. In this session we will help participants understand current forgiveness debates and offer practical and pastoral guidelines for moving forward.

Abide—Abounding Belief in Jesus Influences Deeper Empathy with Others

  • Leader
    Diane Scallon, pastor’s wife, Grace Baptist Church, Laurel, Maryland

Authentic relationships have become a struggle, especially with the façade of social media. In return, loneliness has rapidly increased over the last decade. Growing in Christ, however, is not done in isolation but rather with community. Therefore, we need to rise from the comfort of our independence and step into the lives of others. We should rely on one another, but how do we do that? How can we be better lovers of Jesus? How can we be better friends to one another?

In this module we will answer these questions from John 15, the “abide” passage. We will discover how our vertical relationship with God directly influences our horizontal relationships with people. Our goal is to learn how our Abounding Belief in Jesus Influences Deeper Empathy with others.

The Burdens and Blessings of a Larger Church: Learning and Growing Together

  • Leader
    Scott Poling, pastor, Harvest New Beginnings, Oswego, Illinois

Join us for an interactive session designed for those who pastor larger churches, as well as those whose churches are growing and becoming larger churches. You will discuss pertinent topics with peers who understand and appreciate the challenges that are faced in a larger church setting, and you will have the opportunity to brainstorm creative solutions. We will determine the agenda based on the needs and interests of the group, so come with your questions, concerns, and ideas—anything and everything from A to Z.