The 2020 GARBC Conference has gone exclusively virtual! After considering possible conference configurations, holding discussions with the hotel staff, and monitoring government regulations in the Sacramento area, we determined that facilitating an in-person conference was not feasible for this year. We appreciate your patience as we have worked through the logistics of the conference and, specifically, how to integrate you as an exhibitor.

We value you as an exhibitor and networking with you as a ministry. You are a critical part of our conference and provide incredible support to our churches as they endeavor to accomplish the Great Commission. While switching to a virtual environment, we want to ensure you remain an integral part of the conference. We are pleased to announce the following ways you can be involved.

  • Virtual Exhibit Space (Cost: $275)
    Two representatives can be logged in to the conference. They will have the opportunity to interact with participants one-on-one. The ability to generate leads is built into the virtual exhibit space so you can easily follow up with those who stop by your booth. The virtual booths will allow you to upload a video or imagery about your ministry, display branded materials, interact with participants, and offer incentives to entice attendees to your booth. You might wish to sponsor a giveaway drawing or offer a promotional code to an upcoming event you will be hosting.
  • Sponsor a General Session (Cost: $750)
    You may choose one of eight slots to sponsor a session (two slots are available for each of the four general sessions). Sponsorship includes branding on the event page and either a two-minute video or a scripted verbal ad during the session.
  • Host a Breakout Session (Cost: $400)
    A one-hour breakout session has been added just for our exhibitors. This will take place on Tuesday, June 30, at 1:15 p.m. The breakout session is meant to function like a reception. You can use this time to present updates on your ministry and hold a Q&A with your ministry leader or representative. Conference attendees will get to choose the networking ministry breakout they would like to attend.
  • Advertise in Conference Notebook (Cost: $300)
    Those who participate in Regular Baptist Ministries’ Ultimate Package will continue to receive a free ad in the online conference notebook. Additional ad space can be purchased. All ads will be full-page.

An organization or individual desiring to reserve a booth or advertise in the conference notebook must qualify in one of the following four categories:

  1. A church or a ministry of a church in fellowship with the GARBC
  2. A ministry (mission, camp, school, etc.) that is in agreement with the Articles of Faith and Purpose Statement (Article II, Constitution) of the GARBC and that affirms historic Baptist doctrine
  3. A ministry (counseling services, etc.) that provides support for churches, is in agreement with the Articles of Faith of the GARBC, and is not a direct competitor of Regular Baptist Press
  4. A business providing goods and services (e.g., equipment, furniture, construction) to GARBC churches or church members and is not a direct competitor of Regular Baptist Press