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On Wednesday morning of the 2021 GARBC conference,  a speakers panel addressed topics pertaining to ministry, life, and the Holy Spirit. The panel featured Mike Hess (national representative of the GARBC), David Strope (pastor of Ankeny Baptist Church, Ankeny, Iowa), Knute Larson (pastoral coach and pastor emeritus, The Chapel, Akron, Ohio), George Gunn (vice president, Shasta Bible College & Graduate School) and David King (pastor, CrossPoint Fellowship Church, Jasper, Indiana).

The questions addressed to the panel concerned the following issues:

  • Ministering during a global pandemic
  • Favorite Scripture passages
  • Staying grounded in the local church while serving in parachurch ministries
  • Church revitalization
  • Advice for pastors nearing retirement
  • Advice for young pastors
  • Emphasizing the person and work of the Holy Spirit in a cessationist ministry context
  • The crisis of pastoral shortages
  • Diagnosing and addressing weaknesses in ministry
  • Balancing ministry and family responsibilities