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Not able to attend the 2018 GARBC Conference? We’ve brought the conference to you! If you did attend the conference, you may find yourself in the photo galleries! Read news and view photos from each day of the conference. Audio of conference messages is also available.

Monday & Tuesday
2018 GARBC Conference Grand Opening
Council of Eighteen Meets Before 2018 Conference
Regular Baptist Press 2019 VBS Available for Preorder
Love That Church in Christ, message by Thomas White (audio available)
International Guests at the 2018 GARBC Conference
Tuesday Photo Gallery 2018

From Grace to Glory, message by Duke Crawford (audio available)
Gospel-Rooted Ethnic Unity, message by Michael Wilburn (audio available)
Regular Baptist International Hosts Luncheon at GARBC Conference
Turning Guests into Family, module by Mark Neal (audio available)
Teens Enjoy Indiana Capitol Tour
“Open Mike” Q&A Session with NR Candidate
The Mystery and Glory of the Church, message by Steve Pettit (audio available)
GARBC Conference Children’s Program 2018
Webster Frowner Honored
Wednesday Photo Gallery 2018

United We Grow, message by David Gunn (audio available)
How God Wants You to See Your Church, message by Mike Hess (audio available)
2018 Annual GARBC Business Meeting
Official Dedication of Mike and Christina Hess
Walking in the Way, message by Thomas White (audio available)
Thursday Photo Gallery 2018

2018 Grand Prize Drawing
A Moving Tribute and Fond Farewell to John and Daria Greening
Parting Thoughts on the Way out the Door, message by John Greening (audio available)
Farewell to Fishers
Friday Photo Gallery 2018

2018 Resolutions
The Character, Destiny, and Duties of the Church
The Dignified Status and Proper Treatment of Women
Resolution of Appreciation to John and Daria Greening