Not able to attend the 2019 GARBC Conference? We’ve brought the conference to you! If you did attend the conference, you may find yourself in the photo galleries! Read news and view photos from each day of the conference. Audio of conference messages is also available.

Monday & Tuesday
Iowa Churches Welcome GARBC Conferees
Council of Eighteen Meets ahead of 2019 Conference
Developing an Evangelistic Environment in the Local Church, module by Pat Nemmers and Chuck De Cleene
Regular Baptist Press 2020 VBS Available for Preorder
Chaplains Receive Training in Compassion Fatigue, Bereavement Ministry, and Crisis Response, module by Manning Brown with Andy Bittle and Dick Dayton
Breathing New Life into Your Church, module by Clare Jewell with Jon Jenks, Mark Meyer, and Howard Bixby
Floats and Fun
How the Holiness of God Fuels Our Worship, message by Mike Hess (audio available)
Tuesday Photo Gallery 2019

International Guests Welcomed to 2019 Conference
Open Enrollment for the GARBC Retirement Program Begins
Worship as Giving Yourself to God, message by Ross Shannon (audio available)
Unpacking the Forgiveness Debate (Defining Forgiveness), module by Chris Brauns
Regular Baptist Builders Club Meets during Luncheon
Big Little Church: The Joys, Challenges, and Strengths of Small Church Ministry, module by Tom Robbins
True Worshipers, message by Mike Augsburger (audio available)
The DNA of a Healthy Tech Ministry, module by Dan Chin and Rich Fuchs
Abounding Belief in Jesus Influences Deeper Empathy, module by Diane Scallon
Putting Together a Worship Service, module by Dan Parker
The Burdens and Blessings of a Larger Church, module by Scott Poling
Church Revitalization Experts Meet with Pastors
The Purpose of Worship, message by Mark Vroegop (audio available)
Students Have a Jam-Packed Day of Learning and Fun
Wednesday Photo Gallery 2019

The Harmony of Worship, message by Mark Vroegop (audio available)
2019 Annual GARBC Business Meeting
Children Learn to Worship Our Great God
Churches Elect GARBC Council of Eighteen Members
The Minor Key of Worship, message by Mark Vroegop (audio available)
Minigolf, Ministry, and Marshmallows
Thursday Photo Gallery 2019

Prizes Galore at GARBC Conference!
The Clarity of the Throne, message by Jon Jenks (audio available)
Farewell to Des Moines
Friday Photo Gallery 2019