SA Tuesday- InlineDay two of the conference, and only a few of the teens needed caffeine to get started! Charlie Carter from Faith Baptist Bible College’s summer ministry team “Impact” spoke to the teens Tuesday morning, along with Blane Barfknecht of Chalco Hills Baptist Church, Omaha. They both continued the study in Colossians on the topic of being connected to Christ.

After a quick break for lunch, the students assembled again to go to Temple Baptist Church in Omaha. Pastor Stan Manus and the church had prepared water bottles with the church’s name, address, and the gospel printed on them. The teens went out into the surrounding community and handed out the free bottles of water to individuals and businesses.

It was a great opportunity to help Temple Baptist Church reach out to its community, and many of the students had good conversations along the way. The students were able to offer not only physical water, but also the very water of life. For many students, the chance to share the gospel in this way was the highlight of the week.