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As Friday morning turns into Friday afternoon, the 2018 GARBC Conference winds down. The exhibitors begin packing up their displays, and the attendees begin wending their way back to their regular places of life and ministry. It has been a momentous week. We have a new national representative. John and Daria Greening will be missed, but with God on His throne and Mike Hess at the association’s helm, the future is surely a bright one.

The time spent in Ephesians this week has served to highlight the immense privileges that we Christians have received through our union with Christ. We have been blessed with “every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ” (1:3). We have been adopted into the household of God (2:19) and sealed with the Holy Spirit (4:30). These truths are so sublime and profound that they stagger our imaginations and defy full and total comprehension. All we can do in response to them is worship Christ all the more and strive to “walk worthy of the calling” with which we have been called (4:1). It is our privilege, our joy, and our solemn duty to love Christ, love one another, and love that church!