Like the rest of the world, we have been keeping a close eye on the news of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Our prayers for wisdom, comfort, and healing are with those who have been affected. We encourage churches to do everything they can to show Christ’s love to those at risk in their communities. Whether that means picking up groceries and running errands for those in high-risk demographics, calling to encourage a shut-in, or providing meals and lodging for stranded students, we should all be looking for opportunities to serve our communities.

While the current safety and well-being of our communities should be the highest priority right now, we would like to clarify that we are still planning to hold this year’s GARBC Conference in Sacramento, California. We will continue to monitor the effectiveness of the local, state, and national governments’ efforts to minimize the spread of COVID-19. We are committed to the health and safety of all who attend the conference and are taking measures to ensure that we create an environment where individuals feel safe, confident, and comfortable.

We hope you will join us in Sacramento June 29–July 2 for an incredible week of encouragement and blessing. Many airlines are offering special deals for transferable tickets when purchased this month. This can provide an extra level of protection, just in case the situation on the ground changes! We encourage you to book your hotel room, book your flight, and register for the 2020 GARBC Conference.

The theme “Perspectives” seems especially fitting. It is easy to grow cynical and skeptical in our current situation. Whether we confront a health scare, a difficult ministry situation, or hardships at home, discouragement can creep in very easily. Knowing we have a sovereign God Who is in control of it all is a great comfort. He can use you in incredible ways wherever He has called you to serve Him. It is easy to allow a sense of despair to overcome us when we are facing hardship, but in these times it is essential that we retrain our focus and look at our situations through the lens of God’s Word. We look forward to doing just that with you at this year’s GARBC Conference.

Take a sneak peek at our conference brochure and prepare your hearts to be encouraged by the fellowship and enriched through the sessions.