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Incoming national representative Mike Hess shared from 1 Timothy 3:14–16 Thursday morning. “Just as Jesus reveals who the Father is, the church reveals who Jesus is,” he said.

Hess then explained by way of four main points how God wants you to see your church:

  1. You as part of the local church are the household of God. “Think of family, particularly where God is the Father,” Hess said. He recalled watching the racing time trials in Indianapolis on his 12th birthday. The racing itself was thoroughly uninteresting, but he thought the pit crew was fascinating, especially how all the team members came together quickly and efficiently to fix and maintain the race car and get it back on the track within moments. Members of the crew accomplished their goal with incredible efficiency, but also with anonymity. They did not care if their names were in the news; they just wanted to get that car back in the race and to win. This is how it should be of everyone in the church as well: some ministries are high profile, others are behind-the-scenes, but all are important.
  2. The church belongs to the living God. This is what sets believers apart. Hess explained, “The way we live, talk, and everything we do, we should do in light of a living God.” This is what gives believers hope in all situations.
  3. As part of God’s church, you are the pillar and buttress of the truth. “Doctrine is more important for your heart than your head, because nothing transforms like truth,” Hess said.
  4. You are a revealer of a mystery, the mystery of godliness. This is evidenced in believers’ daily lives as Christ lives in us and we reveal to the world what godliness is.

Hess concluded by commending senior saints who continue to live out their lives for Christ, and commending those who have finished this life well. This should be the goal for all of us, all for the cause of Christ.