In a timely, relevant fashion, Jerry and Sherry VanHooser offered hope and encouragement to those in ministry in their workshop titled “How Not to Lose Heart in Ministry.” Based upon their over 43 years of ministry, Jerry and Sherry wove humor and transparency in presenting Biblical hope and truths to encourage several pastors and their wives in the various seasons of their ministry.

“Over our forty-three, years of ministry we have faced numerous times when the desire to lay down the responsibilities of ministry has been nearly overwhelming. In fact, if the Lord had not given strength, we certainly would have folded under the pressure.” With this candor and honesty, the VanHoosers presented three critical areas in which disappointment can come: circumstances, people, and, often the most difficult to deal with, ourselves. The VanHoosers described each difficulty but offered the Biblical remedy for each.

Those in attendance left the workshop with the Biblical tools necessary to diagnose the cause of difficulty in their ministry, the appropriate remedy, and arguably the most significant, the ability to put the remedy to work, to power through and minister effectively by God’s grace.