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Farlow_inlineMickey Farlow, evangelism and discipleship pastor of Harvest New Beginnings, led a workshop on outreach at the 2016 GARBC Conference, which was held at Harvest New Beginnings, June 28—July 1.

With the statement, “Everyone can win one,” Farlow quickly made the challenging task of evangelism seem a bit more manageable. He presented the Scriptural roots of evangelism, shared helpful methods, and provided written resources to aid in outreach.

Farlow’s “You catch ’em, Christ will clean ’em” helped the audience keep a clear focus on evangelism. Too often those who desire to share the gospel are intimidated by the possibility of failure on the part of new believers. Farlow rightly reminded the group to keep the main thing in mind as they evangelize, realizing that God is faithful to do His part.

In conclusion, attendees were exhorted to “tell your story.” Farlow explained to the group that believers often overlook that it is hard for unbelievers and skeptics to argue with personal Christian testimony. In fact, he pointed out, it is common that those around us are drawn to our life experiences. Farlow challenged each attender to share the winsome gospel of Jesus Christ by taking ownership of their own stories, of telling how they were saved from their sins.