Panel_inline“This hour is worth the price of admission,” said Ken Floyd, chairman of the GARBC Council of Eighteen. “It’s not often that you get to have a panel discussion where the participants are John, Paul, and Timothy. We could probably raise the conference rate just for this opportunity!”

The conference’s keynote speakers—John Greening, Paul Hartog, and Tim Jordan—sat down for a candid panel discussion during the 2015 conference’s second morning session on Thursday. Ken Floyd moderated the discussion. The questions directed to the speakers related to their spiritual backgrounds, major influences in their early discipleship experiences, practical counsel for the next generation of Christian ministry leaders, and helpful strategies for cultivating a healthy, Christ-centered marriage amid the ups and downs of life and ministry.

“It’s somewhat unusual—not to mention refreshing—to hear ministry leaders answer these kinds of pointed, personal questions with so much transparency and vulnerability,” says Darrell Goemaat, director of photography for Regular Baptist Press. “I think a lot of people were moved by this morning’s panel discussion.”

Hear the panel discussion audio below: