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“Each year, we make note of faithful servants of Christ that have gone to be with the Lord,” David Strope said at the 2020 business meeting. “We especially want to give thanks for the labors of those who have faithfully served Christ and now are with the Lord in His presence. We have a wonderful fellowship. So many have given their lives in service for Christ, and on behalf of our fellowship. For them, we are profoundly grateful.”

The following list was presented to the voting messengers as Strope offered a prayer of remembrance and thankfulness.

David Boehning, pastor; missions professor; Clarks Summit University
Rob Cady, missionary, ABWE
Mrs. Don (Nedra) Callan, mentor, Cedarville University
Mrs. Robert (Maretta Jean) Cook, pastor’s wife
Mrs. David (Kathy) Cortner, pastor’s wife
Stuart Cottle, missionary, Baptist Mid Missions and Bibles International
Richard Cughan, pastor; board member, Association of Baptists for World Evangelism, Northeast Fellowship’s Council of Ten and Network Leadership Team
Edwin Dean, pastor
Robert Delnay, theologian; faculty member, Faith Baptist Bible College & Seminary, Baptist Bible School of Theology, Denver Baptist Theological Seminary, Piedmont Bible College, Denver Baptist Bible College, Central Conservative Baptist Theological Seminary, Columbia Bible College; author, Regular Baptist Press
David Dunkin, pastor
Al Franklin, pastor; professor, Shasta Bible College
Allen Goldsmith,
retired army chaplain
Mrs. Joel (Janet ) Harriman, pastor’s wife
Mrs. Adrian (Anne) Jeffers, associate dean of students and assistant professor of women’s ministries, Corban University
Mrs. Don (Jennifer) Johnston,
pastor’s wife
Mel Jones,
pastor; church planter; Sunday School consultant, Regular Baptist Press
Max Lanz, missionary, Baptist Mid Missions
Edson “Ted” Lawrence, pastor
Kim Lewis,
Lloyd Lowe, pastor
Mrs. David (Sue) Lunsford, pastor’s wife, Baptist Network Northwest ministry with husband
Don Matheny, pastor; state representative, Freedom Fellowship of Regular Baptist Churches;
board member, C.O.M.E.; board member, Freedom Fellowship Council of Six; board member, Camp Patmos; director, Freedom Fellowship Regular Baptist Youth Camp
Mrs. Robert (Beverly) Mattox, pastor’s wife
Daniel Mead, pastor; founding board member, Closed Door Ministries
Mrs. Pete (Mary) Mothershead, pastor’s wife
Mrs. John (Carol) Nixon, pastor’s wife
Mrs. Frank (Marjorie) Odor, pastor’s wife, church planter
Jerry Palma, pastor
L. Wayne Peirson, pastor
Mrs. Karl (Irene) Pike, pastor’s wife
Mrs. Charles (Carolyn) Porter, pastor’s wife; missionary, Association of Baptists for World Evangelism
Lynn Porter, missionary, Association of Baptists for World Evangelism
Terry Price, pastor; youth pastor; dean, teacher, and coach, Pillsbury College; dean, Bible department head, teacher, and athletic director, Maranatha Bible College
Charles Reed, pastor
Mrs. Ray (Virginia) Richardson, pastor’s wife
Mrs. Don (Dawn) Sauser, pastor’s wife
Dallas Shaw,
children’s pastor; western U.S. regional manager, Regular Baptist Press
Mrs. David (Shirley) Shimp, pastor’s wife
Warren Simmons, missionary to children, Fellowship of Baptists for Home Missions and Continental Baptist Missions
Glen Sjoerdsma, pastor; church planter; missionary, Baptist Mid Missions
Richard Wezik, pastor
Ezell Wiggins,
pastor; missionary church planter, Fellowship of Baptists for Home Missions; outreach coordinator and vice president for campus ministries, Crossroads Bible College
Don Worch, pastor; former president, Baptist Children’s Home