How important is a tech ministry to a healthy church? Daniel Chin, systems administrator for Regular Baptist Ministries, and Rich Fuchs, president of Ministry Tech, believe a healthy tech ministry is integral to healthy churches today. With the inevitable advent of technological pervasiveness, a healthy tech ministry now plays an important role in ministering to people through God’s Word. Together they led a module on Wednesday afternoon intended to help churches improve and organize their tech ministries so churches can increase their ministry reach and opportunities in a way that glorifies God.

Dan and Rich walked attendees through the “DNA” of a healthy tech ministry—or Diagnostics, Nuts and bolts, and Asking. Over the course of the module, they discussed a variety of topics, including understanding a basic signal chain, the inner workings of a tech booth, dealing with wireless (including legal issues), building a Biblically centered tech team, the importance of an integrator, problems with DIY tech, bad experiences, concerns about cost, and more.

Attendees took notes and listened eagerly while Dan and Rich—with over 50 years of combined tech experience—offered helpful insights for starting, correcting, and troubleshooting any church tech ministry in a healthy way.