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Application of the Gospel

By June 27, 2014No Comments

Many things in our world have a cause and effect, and that includes the gospel message. Nigel Black, pastor of Winslow Baptist Church, Sicklerville, N.J., brought a message on Thursday morning, June 26, from Romans 1:16 and 17 that stirred the hearts of the GARBC Conference attendees.

“The Christian gospel is dynamic because it changes things,” Black says. He shared four internal changes and one external change that occur within a believer.

  1. The gospel is heart-changing: It makes us equal by helping us lay down our cultural and ethnic differences.
  2. The gospel is mind-changing: It gives us the ability to change our minds from all types of beliefs and human practices. It helps the lost get off the road of destruction.
  3. The gospel is identity-changing: We are no longer to be the people we used to be. Paul did not tell us to separate because of our identity, but instead addresses the church family as one—”Jew and Greek.”
  4. The gospel is soul-changing: In the gospel the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith.
  5. The gospel is life-changing: Paul pulled from Habakkuk 2:4 when he said, “The just shall live by faith.” If we are redeemed, we will live by faith.