“Connections” is a big word for the GARBC. In his report to fellowshipping churches at the Tuesday afternoon business meeting of the 2014 GARBC Conference, National Representative John Greening spoke about making connections happen among the 1,250 churches in the national fellowship, 12,000 churches in the Regular Baptist Press customer base, and 10,000 churches in the International Partnership of Fundamental Baptist Ministries. “Connecting is the essence of the GARBC,” says Greening.

An important venue for making those connections is electronic media. John Greening announced the arrival of a newly redesigned www.garbc.org that gives all GARBC ministries a common front door, allowing for a greater compilation of news and church resources and expanded search capability. A new feature of the website is the commentary category, including blogs, papers, and op-eds regarding doctrine, Biblical responses to societal issues, and theological trends. The associational magazine the Baptist Bulletin is available in an attractive, easy-to-use digital version. With the tool of electronic conferencing, consultation with pastors and church leadership teams across the U.S. has expanded to include more churches in more states in a more economical way. GARBC connections make it possible for sister churches to encourage one another through pastoral mentoring, praying, lending assistance in times of disaster, international partnering, and lending and receiving ministry instruction through the Regular Baptist Web Community.

In highlighting exciting developments in Regular Baptist Press, Director Alex Bauman announced the publishing of adult Sunday School curriculum in Spanish this fall and the 2015 Regular Baptist Press Vacation Bible School theme “God of the Universe.” In addition, Alex noted the departure of Kevin Mungons as managing editor of the Baptist Bulletin and welcomed David Gunn to that position.

Michael Nolan, treasurer, stated that the relocation of the GARBC Resource Center is nearing the end of phase one, with the developer securing multiple businesses for the present site. Two more phases remain: obtaining the village of Schaumburg’s approval and the closing of the sale.

Voting messengers gladly received eight churches into the fellowship, including three church plants, representing seven states and multiple ethnicities. The election of six members to the Council of Eighteen took place before the business meeting’s adjournment.