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The ladies of the 2014 GARBC Conference enjoyed a delightful lunch together on Tuesday, June 24. They were especially blessed by the words given by Joy Lancaster and Emily Hancock. Joy is the wife of Jerry, pastor of Starkey Road Baptist Church, Seminole, Fla., and Emily is the wife of Brandon, pastor of student ministries at the same church.

Joy spoke on the importance of women mentoring other women in the church. She emphasized that we should never focus on what a person looks like or what they wear. Women need other women to pour into their lives without judgment. “Judgment is inconsistent with the attitude of God,” she says.

Emily stressed that “the point of relationships is to feel connected.” Women need to feel connected, she says, and when you are reaching out to someone, don’t worry about the depth of the relationship. “The Lord will take care of the depth of your relationships; leave it to the Lord.” In addition, she gave three points on the nature of relationships: (1) They take time, (2) women must be transparent, and (3) they must give unconditional love.

Becky Enterline was privileged to be able to attend the ladies’ luncheon. She and her husband serve with Grace Dental Medical Missions. Becky believes the most important thing she learned was to ask women she is mentoring, “What are you interested in?” Mentors can plan activities with the answers in mind. In addition, she was encouraged to teach younger women baking and other homemaking skills that she possesses.

The luncheon was an encouragement and blessing to all who attended and gave the ladies the opportunity to eat delicious food while learning about serving our Lord more effectively.