Dr. Mike Stallard, dean and director of PhD studies at Baptist Bible Seminary, led a workshop Tuesday morning, June 24, on “Recent Theological Viruses Affecting the Church.”

The workshop addressed the cultural changes and decline of Christian values in North America. Such changes and decline leave room for nearly all doctrines and church practices to be up for grabs. These “viruses,” as Stallard puts it, are affecting the church. His workshop covered the emerging church and how post-modernism impacts areas such as eschatology and Bibliology.

Also addressed during the workshop were the issues of “free grace,” cessationism, and social justice. Stallard commented that Bible-believing churches are increasingly being impacted by these issues.

“Innovation is okay,” says Stallard, “but it must have doctrinal stability. Innovation with doctrinal change is wrong.”

The session ended with Stallard taking questions from workshop participants.