The stage  is set for an epic fight. The book of Daniel illustrates the battle that takes place between society and God—a battle that still rages today. Man desires power and is on a mission to develop his own great society. God humbly reminds us that He is always the One in control and will always be the One Who reigns.

Join us as we witness this struggle through an expository look at the book of Daniel during this year’s conference. It will be evidently clear the parallels that exist in today’s society.

The keynote speaker is Dr. Daniel Davey, pastor of Colonial Baptist Church in Virginia Beach, Va. Other speakers opening the text include John Greening, Schaumburg, Ill.; Ken Spink, Berea, Ohio; Joe Earle, Harlan, Iowa; Tim Jordan, Lansdale, Pa.; Chaplain William Gasser, Hillsboro, Ore.; Mike Stallard, Scranton, Pa.; and Bernie Augsburger, Washington, Ill.