Stowell Card

Elizabeth Bourdess, 93, a friend of Dr. and Mrs. Joe Stowell II, signs a prayer card for Corabelle Stowell that was on display at the back of the auditorium after the evening service. Guests were invited to express words of sympathy to Mrs. Stowell after her husband went home to be with the Lord last Saturday night.

LANCASTER, PA. — Hundreds of guests signed gigantic tribute cards to Mrs. Corabelle Stowell after watching the premiere of the new DVD, 75 Years of God’s Goodness. Tuesday was a day for reflection on Association history, as well as preaching and teaching on the nature of the church.

In the morning session, Dr. Douglas McLachlan used 2 Timothy 4:1-8 to describe “A Church for Postmodern Times.” Recently retired after many years of ministry at Fourth Baptist Church in Minneapolis, Minn., McLachlan observed that “Growing a church is one thing; growing a crowd is another.”

Describing the pressures to change the nature of the church to conform to society, McLachlan said, “Nothing makes Christ more odious and contemptible to postmodernists than His claim of exclusivity. He is the only way to be saved.”

Dr. John Greening picked up the same theme with his evening sermon, “Built Right,” from 1 Peter 1-2. “There must be among us a constant distrust of human nature because we are prone to wander,” said Greening. He later added, “A church built by God’s design is built to specifications. You always appeal to the Blueprint. Don’t fall for the trap that there is a better way for this time and place.”

Students competed earlier in the afternoon in the annual Talents for Christ group competition. Vocal ensembles, puppet teams, and drama groups performed for judges; the results will be announced on Wednesday morning.

Talents for Christ results will be posted at, as well as photos, news articles, sermon MP3s, and downloads.

Read “Who Makes the Decisions at Your Church” by Douglas McLachlan (The Baptist Bulletin, October 1988).

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