Jim Vogel

LANCASTER, PA. Jim Vogel, pastor of South Baptist Church, Flint, Mich., will become Associate National Representative for the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches in September. Jim will be assisted by his wife, Jeannie, who frequently speaks to women’s groups.

The announcement capped a week of sermons, workshops, and resolutions to support the Association’s goal of thinking seriously about the contemporary church.

John Greening, National Representative of the GARBC, said that the new position will fill a great need for pastoral training and development, pastoral placement and pulpit search assistance, and Association recruitment and retention.

“This is not the first time we have had an assistant to the National Representative,” said Bob Sauser, chair of the personnel committee. “Reginald Matthews served as a field representative under Paul Jackson in the late 1960s, and William Kuhnle was assistant to Dr. Joe Stowell during the 1970s.”

After being introduced during the Friday morning session, Vogel preached on “Peaceable Living” from 1 Thessalonians 5:13.

“The early church was not perfect. Conflict existed in the early church,” observed Vogel, who suggested that pride was the root problem of church conflict. “In the world, it’s ‘dog eat dog.’ In the church, it’s “sheep eat sheep.’ We have a bent toward conflict.”

Vogel suggested that pastors would have a key role in conflict resolution. Noting that that the genius of the GARBC was its structure as a fellowship of churches, Vogel also observed that these churches are led by pastors. “Pastors are central to the growth and health of our churches. Pastors that are spiritually healthy and growing will produce churches that are healthy and growing,” said Vogel.

Vogel gave practical advice to church members, suggesting, “One of the best ways to support your pastor is by living peaceably with each other.”

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