Be sure to get in on the great workshops taking place during the week of the GARBC Conference! Start planning now which workshops will enhance your ministry, further your education, and equip you for leadership. Here are the workshops taking place on Wednesday:

Peacemaking in the Church
Leader: Scott Owen
Unresolved conflict robs churches of reputation, resources, and unity. Interpersonal problems among leaders can erode the trust of the body. However, as dangerous as conflict can be, it provides an excellent opportunity for believers to develop sacrificial service and greater dependency upon God. Learn how to respond Biblically to conflict and to create a culture for peacemaking.

Tech Trauma: The Modern World of Tech Issues
Leader: Josh Byers
Technology has become a focal point of our world. Every day there seems to be a new gadget, app, or service that churches should leverage to further their mission. How can churches communicate most effectively in today’s culture? Explore how to develop a dynamic communication strategy using mobile apps, websites, and social media.

Private Devotional Life of a Pastor
Leader: Zach Dietrich
What is the secret of a pastor’s private devotional life? Sometimes a private devotional life doesn’t exist. Too often pastors who publicly promote the necessity of time in the Word secretly struggle under a burden of guilt to apply what they preach. Rather than another guilt trip or how-to, this workshop will take an honest look at the function and theology of a pastor’s spiritual disciplines.

Dumbing-Up: The Case for Continuing Education
Leaders: John Greening and Don Shirk
Find out how a couple of ministry guys pulled off going back to school while still doing their jobs. Learn the value of lifelong learning and how to get your church leaders to buy into your continuing education and even incorporate the cost into the budget. Discover how to manage your schedule to not only complete the course work, but to thrive as a student. Be an effective learner by staying fresh and current. Explore the possibility of continuing your education.

Mentoring Relationships
Leader: Sharon Gutwein
Maturing Christian women who love God and people have a responsibility to mentor others, sharing their life experiences. No matter mentors’ ages or circumstances, God will and does use their willingness to reflect on some of the ways in which He has worked in their lives to help them grow. Mentoring relationships grow as women pursue relational discipleship. In this workshop, consider opportunities to share the journey of discipleship, with emphasis on practical applications for a variety of ages and situations.

Home Grown: The Value of Small-Town Churches
Leader: David King
There’s nothing quite like homegrown produce from your garden during the summer months. You work hard in the early spring to prepare the ground, you plant the seeds, then comes the hard work of weeding. But then comes the harvest as you enjoy the fruit of your labors! Growing disciples in small communities is much like home gardening. Pastors often get the privilege of working at all stages of discipleship and spiritual formation and over time experience the reward of long-term ministry in small communities. Discover big opportunities found in small fields.

Helping Your Church Walk through the Wilderness: Biblical Hope and Direction in Suffering
Leader: Jeff Newman
Shepherding others in the midst of suffering and crisis often forges some of the strongest shepherd-sheep relationships. Yet ministry in these times is fraught with challenges. Explore a model of helping others walk by faith in the face of life’s trials. Then develop the model, considering both our personal walk with God and our ministry walk with others.

Revive Sunday School
Leader: Alan Wilson
If you feel that your Sunday School outreach is not as effective as it could be, this may be the workshop for you! We will begin by highlighting the strengths of a quality Sunday School for all ages, then talk about building a solid foundation, leadership, and purpose. You will also learn an effective method for analyzing your Sunday School program.