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With more than half of American churches retaining fewer than 100 members, small congregations must impact the world for Christ in a big way. Tom Robbins, pastor of Faith Baptist Church in Camp Point, Illinois, is no stranger to small-church ministry and recognizes just how important small-church ministry is to the vitality of America’s churches. Robbins led a module, with more than 100 in attendance, on ministering in small churches in a way that gives those churches influence well beyond the boundaries of mere head counts. He addressed his audience with practical information and encouraged attendees that they are not alone in their challenges and that there is immense opportunity for their churches to maximize their influence.

“Often when there is discussion about small-church ministry, the discussion moves very quickly to the area of growth,” Robbins stated. Instead of providing attendees with church-growth strategies and presenting small churches as a problem, he addressed small-church ministry right where it is by showing that not only are small churches not necessarily a bad thing, but there are unique joys and strengths that can only accompany smaller ministries, as well as unique challenges. Robbins emphasized that small churches can and should be healthy. By identifying the real-world issues that small churches face and reminding attendees of all the blessings and opportunities available through small-church ministry, Robbins comforted and encouraged the audience that not only are small churches reason for great joy but that ultimately those churches belong to Jesus Christ and He is in control.