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Council of Eighteen Propels Association into the Future

By June 24, 2014June 25th, 2014No Comments

Planning for a strong future, the 2014 GARBC Council of Eighteen met on Monday, June 23, to put into motion a strategic ministry plan involving four key areas: communication, network, assistance, and structure. John Greening, GARBC national representative, expressed gratitude for the council’s work and challenged the group, “Going forward I need a council that is willing to flesh out and implement the vision. I want us to provide proactive leadership that pushes out the plan, passing on the baton to the next generation.”

Bernie Augsburger, council chairman, began the council meeting with a challenge from 1 Corinthians 15, speaking to the need and the celebration of the “full” gospel, reflective of the conference theme, “The Essential Gospel.” Bernie stated, “When we walk away from the conference, let us say, ‘ I am going to be better at declaring this gospel.'”

GARBC administrative leaders Alex Bauman, director of Regular Baptist Press; Chris Hindal, director of GARBC International Ministries; John Murdoch, director of Regular Baptist Chaplaincy Ministries; and Michael Nolan, director of Baptist Builders Club, shared reports and plans for future development.

The council approved eight churches, three of which are church plants, to be presented to the voting messengers for fellowship in the GARBC. The pending churches represent seven states and ethnic diversity. Three churches requested to withdraw from the association, plus seven churches are no longer in existence due to dissolution or merger.

After careful thought, the council approved two resolutions for presentation to the voting messengers: “The Essential Gospel” and “Freedom of Religion.”