Students Alive! kicked off the week with over 30 students. Taking a slight twist on the conference theme, “The Essential Gospel,” the students will be studying how the gospel is at the core of who we are and all we do—“Gospel to the Core.” Every session and discussion group (core groups) will focus on that theme throughout the week.

Isaac Denton, youth pastor at Daniels Road Baptist Church, Fort Myers, Fla., started off the week by speaking to the teens on the topic of how the gospel affects their priorities. He challenged the teens to put God at the center of all they do and to allow the gospel to practically affect their choices, thoughts, and future.

Immediately after the session, the teens walked to a park along the bay to play some ultimate Frisbee. Despite the humidity, the group had a great time and enjoyed the view of the bay, and no palm trees (or students) were injured during the game.